Temp-to-Hire Arrangements

A temp-to-hire arrangement can be compared to a “try before you buy” program. But make no mistake – it’s not just a trial for the candidate! Companies should be aware that many candidates appreciate this type of arrangement so that they can evaluate the company’s culture and values before accepting full-time employment.

From a company perspective, a temp-to-hire arrangement is effective for positions that experience historically high turnover. If you’re having trouble identifying the right match for your company and the position, hiring a temporary worker with the opportunity to hire is a great option.

Alternately, if a position has an undefined job description, a temp-to-hire arrangement can be a good chance to evaluate the skills and experience that are needed for the position.

Keep in mind that most candidates will not risk leaving a permanent job for a temp-to-hire opportunity, so you will be limited to non-working candidates when considering this arrangement.

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